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A Bird In The Fault

by Asunojokei

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Pomegranate 05:07
始点に響いた乖離による有情歌が 失望の色を放つ お前は望まれぬ子 一つの憂いよ反復と返答に深く沈めと 聞こえたのは言祝ぎ 伝う温もり 不浄なのは彼ではなく それが答え あまねく光が注ぐひだまり そこから消えた居場所 流れることを忘れた水は 内より侵食するのか されどこの身体は素適なまま 多くが与えられるそれと変わりなく 輝いていた それでも授かった答え捨て去り 一つの嘘よ続け 【English Translation】 Song with emotion made by separation resonating with the origin gives off disappointment. You aren’t needed. A depression should be repeated and answered. What I heard was celebration What I felt was the warmness. It is not him who is unclean but, that is the answer. The place where the sun delivers the light all over. My place is gone from there. Does the water which forgotten to flow encroach on my body? But actually my body was still beautiful shining just like others. Even so, throw away the answer I received. Let the lie continue.
Silent Tears 05:20
手つなぎの喧騒にて 指なき手掌なびかせども 誰もが見向きもせず 腐り落ちたと 安堵を偽証し 理解へ別れを 赤くならない掴めた手 閉ざされた朧月 磨滅を司る鏖の歌行き渡り 始まる一人から独りへの革命 凹凸は消え 生色は去り 風の行方を水だけが告げた 限りなく透けた鏡の境界で 知られる術を失う この痛みに相応しい名を 【English Translation】 Everyone ignores me shaking my fingerless-hand in the bustle. I lie to myself that my fingers are rotten, and feel relieved. Say goodbye to the understanding. The hand we can hold never gets red. The hazy moon is hidden. Song of annihilation which rules the attrition spreads all over the world. Revolution of being solitude from you yourself starts. Irregularity of surface has disappeared. Complexion gets worse. Only water has told us the way wind went, on the border of the mirror which is almost transparent. Give a proper name for the pain of loosing the means to get known.
Easy 06:43
進化の築いた摩天楼が空の流れを止めてから 私たちの呼吸源は他人の肺にゆだねられた 誰かの寄りかかる先には誰かが 私の歩む先には誰かだった残骸が 月光降り注ぎ傘を差す君 穴だらけの顔は私じゃない そう呟いた 宵の水面に映るまがいものの光はそれすらが紛い物 されど水面は地を埋め尽くしている これが僕の望んだ世界 理想の楽園 独白を破壊する衝動 対話に創造される苦悩 痛みを忘れて違いと手を 鏡を割れど書割のような網では何も捕えられず あなたはただ自己と向き合う術を失うだけ 無数に増殖した私だけがあなたを理解する 【English Translation】 Our breath has been put into others' lungs since skyscrapers stemmed the stream of the sky. There was someone where someone leaned. In front of me, there was a carcass which had been somebody. The moon light poured and you put up an umbrella. "The face which has many holes isn't mine." You murmured so. A light from a fake reflecting the surface of water at night is a fake in itself. However, the surface of water fills in the ground. This is the desired world and the ideal paradise. The impulse destroying monologue. Agony created by dialogue. Please forget the pain and take hands with the difference. Even if you break a mirror, you can't catch anything with a net like a backdrop. You will just lose the way to face yourself. I multiplying infinitely am the only person who can understand you.
星霜 まどろみに満ちた天鵞絨 焦がれる漁りの火 化してゆく 青から赤へ そして砕かれ 微笑む彼は 幸福な水死体 なぜ産んだの 問いは投げられぬままに紡ぐ 1を与えられ0におびえる子供 嘆く声は地の上で 始まりを忘れ終わりと寄り添った 咲う声は水の底 【English Translation】 For a long time, velvet had been filled with slumber, and he had been deeply in love with fishing fire. He whose body was turning blue to red is a happy drowned body. Why did you bear me? I wasn't able to ask that, and it has still been retained. The child who was given "1" and frightened at "0" grieved on the ground. He forgot the beginning, nestled up to the end and laughed at the bottom of water.
起は転じ承けるは結び 【English Translation】 The beginning is over.


released February 27, 2016


all rights reserved



Asunojokei Taito, Japan

Post-Black Metal

Asunojokei formed in 2014. Their music is based on post black metal, mixing hardcore, math rock and shoegaze to create their own remarkable style that leaps from beauty to ugliness, intricate delicacy to crushing darkness. ... more

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